For our renovation clients¬†(and on rare occasion our new construction clients), survey is absolutely critical before the design process even begins. Survey lets the design team and Owner know what’s available and what, if any, upgrades need to be made. Consolidated has a team dedicated to survey work; this team bears in mind that they are not only surveying what Consolidated needs to make the project successful on our end, but also those items that may have an impact on other trades as they relate to the mechanical and electrical systems. We share all of our information freely and coordinate with the Owner, other design professionals, and contractors as the design process continues all the way to completion of construction.

For our clients that require due diligence services, Consolidated will typically perform a mechanical/electrical field survey and then document our findings with recommendations. The level of detail is directly related to the Owner’s needs and can range from simple to highly complex. Our documentation will include narratives, drawings, and photos of what was observed, what it serves, and what condition it’s in. The documentation will also point-out any observed deficiencies and proposed solutions. Consolidated understands the critical nature of these reports and goes to great effort to insure their accuracy.