Consolidated provides HVAC systems design services including, but not limited to:

  • Packaged Unitary Systems, both VAV (variable air volume) and Constant Volume
  • Split-DX Systems
  • Chilled/Hydronic Heating Water Systems
  • Condenser Water Systems, Including Geothermal
  • VAV (variable air volume) Systems
  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems
  • 100% Make-up Air Systems


Typically a project’s HVAC system is driven by the type of structure and its use/occupancy. But, there are numerous instances where more than one type of HVACsystem could be employed within the structure. In this occurrence, Consolidated will be there to advise the Owner/end-user as to the pros and cons of the various potential systems such that an informed decision can be made. Our advice would include items such as up-front costs, efficiency/operational costs, longevity/reliability, ease of maintenance, and level of complexity. Our goal is to find the best balance of these items as tailored to a specific Owner’s needs.

Consolidated works closely with equipment vendors. This insures that equipment selected meets the end-users needs and that equipment clearances are met in order to facilitate maintenance. For larger, more sophisticated projects that employ a BMS (Building Management System), Consolidated will work with the Controls Vendor before the project goes out in order to insure that the controls are appropriately specified and that there are no unwanted cost increases later. Consolidated also takes great care to coordinate with the Architect and Structural Engineer so that all equipment specified fits and that all equipment weight(s) and locations are accommodated.

For energy modeling, Consolidated utilizes the newest version of the Carrier Corporation’s HAP (Hourly Analysis Program), version 4.8. This software note only allows us to determine the cooling and heating requirements of a specific structure, but also allows us to simulate and compare the structure versus a baseline structure; this latter process would typically be done when a structure is pursuing LEED Certification.

Consolidated also provides all jurisdiction-mandated energy compliance certificates (Department of Energy’s ComCheck).