Consolidated provides energy modeling services utilizing the Carrier Corporation’s HAP (Hourly Analysis Program) V4.8, which is a USGBC (US Green Building Council) approved product. This software allows us to do two primary things:

  1. Physically model a structure and accurately determine the heating/cooling loads throughout an entire year, on an hour-by-hour basis and the associated costs. The model is the actual structure, with its specific wall, roof, and window-types, lighting systems, power systems, and mechanical (HVAC and plumbing) systems and how they interact with the environment.
  2.  Compare, for an entire year, this structure with a “baseline” structure (as directed by ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines); data outputs would show cost savings of the actual structure over the “baseline” structure. If the Owner is pursuing LEED certification, then these savings are translated to awardable points within the LEED(Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) framework under “Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance”.


Consolidated has over (15) projects that have received LEED “Certified” or higher status split equally between government and commercial projects. We have multiple skilled personnel on-board that are LEED accredited professionals and we are always updating our volume of knowledge as the process evolves. Consolidated not only provides energy modeling, but we will also perform all duties as required by us within the entire LEED framework, whether it be points pursued in “Water Efficiency”, “Energy & Atmosphere”, “Indoor Environmental Quality”, or “Innovation in Design”.